Saturday, May 1, 2021

A playdate with my fan club


My two young friends (we call them my fan club because they always make a BIG fuss of me) who live nearby came for a long playdate with me, The idea was that they could watch birds in my garden and see how many they could identify, then play with me,

They didn't do too well with the birds as they were all busy nesting, but they managed to ID some of the plants flowering in the garden (the human who feeds me had asked them to do this, with the help of a book full of plant pictures. She's a teacher and she can't stop herself doing things like this when she's with children).

There was a lot of time spent looking at a screen and taking photos. I'm a bit of a screen addict so it suited me fine, and they took heaps of pics of me. Loved it! It was a very sociable, fun playdate and I enjoyed having all that fuss, right down to when we had a grooming session at the end before they went home.

Bliss.... photo shoot, fun, games, chasing, romping then their total attention while they groomed me. 


Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Great Escape

It’s come to my notice that my human, who writes another blog, wrote something about me chewing up things and digging holes in the garden when I was a puppy. Now I’m three and have grown up a bit,  I think it’s time I put a bit of perspective on this story. I do have my reputation to consider after all, so here’s my version of things that were written about me when I was 21 months old:

I started living with my humans when I was 4 months old. I’d kind of got over the real baby stage of peeing whenever and wherever I needed to but was still in need of some guidance on getting into the garden for these tasks. I was shooed outside and told to “be busy”. No idea what that meant at all, but they always did this after I’d had a toilet trip indoors. It was a hot summer so the doors were open and the penny soon dropped. I was meant to do it outside.

I must confess that I loved my new home and my humans, maybe even more so now as we've all been together a lot during lockdown. We always get on very well, they're always kind to me and I heard them describe me as “a delightful and interactive dog” Yeah!

I know I’m good with children. I’m always very friendly to them as they’re somehow a bit like puppies and closer to my size. I adore the human’s grandchildren and allow them to play with me, cuddle me, carry me about and at Christmas they put funny sparkly things on my head. I didn’t like it much but put up with it as it made them happy.

I often make noises and speak in “dog”, which the humans don’t understand, but they like it because it’s as though I’m saying “hello” and “chatting”. I sometimes make little howls of excitement too. But when I was a puppy, with new teeth, I had to chew things, I just had to – all puppies do so it was perfectly normal as far as I’m concerned. Here’s what I chewed:

One hairdryer – left unplugged on the bedroom floor and munched to death, wires hanging out of it. They really shouldn’t have left it there; I couldn’t resist it. It was replaced by a new one, is now stored in a cupboard, and that put an end to that game.

Three duvet covers which I pulled off beds as I looked for Kitty, their daughter’s cat who’d been staying. Well I had to pull them off the beds somehow and my teeth were the only way to do this. The humans were not pleased as there were gnawed, ripped bits of fabric.

Three sheets – I confess to doing the same thing with these. Well, I was still searching for that darned cat. They were gnawed and ripped too. Humans were cross about this as well.

The garden fence –  first try. That fence was really old and rickety and was good enough to stop My Great Escape happening when I was a small puppy….but one day….aha! I went missing. I chewed a hole through the bamboo screening attached to their low trellis fence, then squeezed through. Yippee! I had the freedom of the garden backing on to mine and I went searching for Holly, the cat who lives there. But it didn’t last long as the neighbour who lives there took me back home.

There was a conversation about sharing the cost of a new fence, which didn’t sound quite so good. I had to get back into that garden and find that cat.

Some men turned up, looked at the garden and the fence, then went away. In the meantime the humans blocked off that nice hole I’d chewed and any other likely escape routes. Not only that, they supervised all my visits to the garden. That wasn’t much fun. I was being watched.

The garden fence – second try. The men came back and put up a HUGE new high fence. I sat looking intently at that fence, thinking about it, eyeing it up, sizing it up, and I eventually worked out how to get through it and into the other garden.

I dug a hole and went under it. I was very proud of myself and I went racing around that garden to find Holly the cat. It was very frustrating though as she was  sitting inside watching me  through the closed patio doors. My humans tried to get me to come back through the hole I'd dug but I wouldn’t come. One of them tried to get into the garden. But the side gate to it was locked and the neighbour was out. I was getting just a bit anxious by now because I couldn’t get at the cat and I couldn’t face squeezing though the hole I’d dug to get back into my own garden.

My humans lifted one of the bottom panels of the fence and wedged it open. One of them crawled through and got me. When I next went to inspect the hole I’d dug, it had been filled in with some hard stuff. I think it’s called concrete. I couldn’t dig it anyway.

Garden fence - third try – after that I started to stare very hard at other areas of the fence, and I kept disappearing behind the arbour seat thingy in the corner of my garden. I found a way through the corner gap where two panels of the fence meet. Yippee! Freedom! Back in that garden again to find that cat! The humans lifted the bottom fence panel again, one crawled through and got me. Then they blocked up that gap as well. Spoilsports.

Garden fence - fourth try – they didn’t block it enough. Yippee! I  escaped again. Still no sign of the cat, but I have a feeling she was at an upstairs window watching me. The humans did the fence thing and the crawl through thing again and then a barricade appeared in the gap. Not good.

Garden side gate – I discovered this other place around the side of the house and sat looking  at the  side gate (locked) with my nose down on the small gap beneath it. I started to dig. I dug up plants and soil by the gate and the fence next to it. Very quickly bricks and concrete slabs appeared where I’d been digging, but I still sit and look at the gate and fence, ever hopeful, even though I can’t dig there any more.

Garden bench – it wasn’t long before they noticed I’d started digging a hole underneath the seat of the stone bench on the lawn. I heared one of them say “Oh what the hell – he’s a terrier – let him have a bit of fun! And to be honest, we did need a new fence anyway…..”


 You can read her version of this story here.


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A delivery's arrived!

What's in this box? It smells very good! The postman just brought it and I think it's something for me.

Oh - what's this? It's big, it's soft, and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it, but it's mine!

I've dragged it underneath that chair she sits on (the one who feeds me) and now she's taking photos of me with her camera & asking me to look at her! Anyone would think I looked cute. Ugh!

Oh for goodness sake, can't a dog get a bit of peace without having that camera thing pointing his way?! Just because I like it, it's a nice soft cushion thing and it's the right size for me to get comfy on too, she wants yet another photo.   

But I've twigged what it's all about. There's been a lot of talk lately about a "new van" - like my campervan but a new one I guess -  and they've been wondering where they're going to put my bed when we go away in it as it sounds like there won't be quite the same layout of floor space for the bedtime sleep. 

Well, this seems to be what they've hit on, so it looks like this will be my bed when we go away in the new van, because it's easier to pack and doesn't take up so much room. Fine by me. If I don't like it I can always wake them up and ask if I can sleep by their feet at the end of the bed....



Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Lockdown walkies

I know this might not look particularly interesting, but it is! It's where my humans take me for walks in a different place so we can all have a change from walking the usual routes during the lockdown.

The usual local routes are the ones we've been doing for the past year, and they (the humans) have names for all of them:

The lockdown walk is the one we did late every night when the lockdown started last March and they were voluntarily quarantining themselves after being on planes and flying back in a hurry from staying with the family & my friends the grandchildren. We had the roads and streets all to ourselves, apart from the occasional hedgehog.
The tick walk is the one across some fields, through a wood, and then across more fields with views of the hills. I like that one. They call it the tick walk because that's where I got my first tick. It was killed off by the meds they give me to stop these nasty things having a slurp of my blood, but it died attached to my eyelid and they had to get the vet to take it off as it was so close to my eye.

The cemetery walk takes us along the edge of the Heath and out into the countryside to the town's cemetery, which is small and peaceful and quite nice to walk around. I often see cows on the way and like watching them.

The Heath is not far from home and I can meet other dogs there and have a run and a play. I like going through the woods which are part of the Heath, sniffing out where the badgers live and climbing up and down the hills they've made where their sett is. I'm not allowed to go down the holes they've made though.

The back of the town walk takes us close to the edge of our small town. It's mostly on pavements for this walk, but there are some grassy, wooded places and paths. We often do this one if it's been wet and there's a lot of mud about. We've found lots of new nooks and crannies in the town to walk in whilst we've been in lockdown, especially useful for wet weather walks so I don't turn completely two-tone and black underneath with the muck and mud on the pavements.

The secret path walk goes through a tall wooden gate in a wooden fence on one side of a narrow cut through, and no-one would know there was a footpath behind the gate unless they tried it. The wooded path leads to parkland with a small stately home which is now used as offices. There's a farm at the far end of the parkland and that's where I can watch cows and a donkey. The path through the farmland leads to a nearby village.

The Park is where that photo is taken (the human who feeds me took that). It's a big park, with deer and lakes and little woods and streams and lots of interesting smells. I love going there in my campervan. When we go there for the day we have a walk or two, and lunch as well. 

When we went there last time, we discovered we'd parked somewhere with deer poos all over the place. I wasn't bothered too much about sniffing them but the humans were careful where they put their feet, and they've called this parking area the Deer Toilet! 
There's nothing better than being in my van, even though we can't yet go away in it and stay somewhere.